2003 Lincoln County, Oregon  Relay for Life

2005 Relay for Life Teams

Relay For Life Teams

In 2004, more than 4,000 Relay for Life events were held nationally, with more than 1.75 million participants taking part in this, the largest non-profit fund-raising event in the country. In 2004, more than 450,000 cancer survivors walked in Relays across the country. More than $200 million (net) was raised in 2004 -- and we hope to do even better in 2005!.

The American Cancer Society uses these funds for research and to provide other services to cancer patients and their families.

Locally, we in Lincoln County are planning to do our part to fund this important research. Here is a listing of the teams preparing for Relay for Life 2005 in Newport August 5th and 6th .

They'll be walking for the lives of men, women and children fighting cancer. And you can be part of this event. Form a team of eight to twelve members, choose and name for your group and let us know who you are! We'll provide you with helpful information.

We thank these Teams for their support!


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Sam Case School - Contact: Jo Rauch 541-336-2523 (more)
Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital - South (more)
Team Lindly / Oregon Coast Bank - Contact: Lin Lindly 541-265-3725 (more)
Team Toledo - Contact: James Bassingthwaite 541-574-0626 (more)
Umpqua Bank - Contact: Katie Grimm 541-574-6223 (more)
Vietnam Vets / Yaquina Travel / TLC - Contact: Cathy Bain 541-265-3444 (more)
Wal-Mart - Contact: Sandy Stamps 541-265-6560 (more)
YMCA Youth - Contact: Bambie Henderson 541-265-3221 (more)
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For More Information,
Call (541) 336-8376

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