2003 Lincoln County, Oregon  Relay for Life

Relay 2003 results are in!

This year the Relay for Life in Lincoln County, raised over $53,000.00.  While we didn't quite meet the goal set for us by the American Cancer Society, we did better than anyone thought we would.  We had a marvelous event, with the weather cooperating (no wind), our color guard for the Relay was made up of Vietnam Vets, three of whom were color guard last year, and went through, or were going through cancer treatment between the two events.

Our top team this year was Georgia Pacific with $16,037.  We had a total of 22 teams and 16 of those teams raised over $500 each.  10 of the teams raised over $1000.

We had a virtual tie for individual fundraiser:  Kari Murk, Georgia Pacific, and Lin Lindly, with Team Lindly.  The both raised $1,896.00.  Way to go...

Team Lindly was our second highest with $6,027, followed by Oregon Coast Aquarium with $4,300, and WalMart came in 4th at $3,020.

Our dates are set for August 6-7, 2004, so start planning now.

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