Gingerbread Houses 1996 - The Embarcadero in Newport has a tradition of making gingerbread houses every holiday season.


About the Gingerbread Houses

The Gingerbread Houses are made from an original gingerbread cookie recipe. We used all the ingredients called for and took no short cuts. It tastes great and builds a wonderful house. We have built 5 houses this year and used approximately:
  • 340 # flour (and spices)
  • 200 # powder sugar
  • 200 egg whites
  • 160 whole eggs
  • 45 # honey
  • 75 # sugar
  • 10 # baking powder
  • 60 # sour ball candies (all the windows are made of sour balls)
  • $300 of cookies & assorted candies.
There are over 750 lights in and on the 5 houses. Each house took about 25 - 35 hours to complete. The total combined weight of the houses is over 500 #.

The Gingerbread Houses were baked, constructed & decorated in about a two month period. It took the entire Culinary & Stewarding Staff's participation along with some willing Bartenders, Wait Staff, and many volunteer hours from Family & Friends to complete the houses.


This is our gift to ALL OF YOU from THE EMBARCADERO STAFF.

Merry Christmas!

The Gingerbread Houses can be viewed in person in the lobby of the Embarcadero Resort Hotel & Marina at 1000 SE Bay Bl., in Newport Oregon.


Chef Wheeler


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